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Draw Joust! Game Review

Draw Joust! is an exciting, colorful game on mobile devices. It features the classic arcade elements of drop-and-drag, platform gaming, and puzzle-solving. Players maneuver one of four game characters–the lion, crane, dragon, and donkey–to battle their opponent in a dazzling display of 3D battles. Players intuitively control each character’s weaponry, parry, throw their opponents, and score points by making the right combos and executing flawless attacks on their opponents.

Although the single-player format is exciting and would make anybody feel like a true game of champion, the reality is that this is not much more than an arcade game. Yes, you could tap into your inner adventurer by playing this single-player game, but wouldn’t it be better if there were actual competitors who could hone their skills? I know that this single-player game would feel like fun if there were other players competing against me, or against the world at large, who love to play this kind of game.

Draw Joust! makes good use of multiplayer in its presentation of its single-player mode. The first-person perspective is pretty neat, but it doesn’t really help draw me into the world of this cool game. Since the game has no multiplayer option, players can only enjoy the fun online play versus others who have Draw Joust!

In my opinion, having good single-player action mixed with online play is a winning formula. However, if I were to experience multiplayer Draw Joust! immediately after playing the single-player version, I’m not really sure how I’d feel about it. The truth is, I’m not sure how I would feel about this fun game at all, so I decided to leave it out of my review.

Despite its single-player focus, this voodoo-themed game does have some interesting components. For one thing, each of your team members has their own unique attributes that you can equip and improve upon throughout the course of the game. This gives each character a good deal of potential and allows players to really develop their skills as they go along.

You also have a variety of different weapons at your disposal as well. These range from simply throwing items, to armaments that look a lot like medieval weapons, that can really help you to pummel your opponents. Because this game is played online, and not on a console or PC, you can take your weapon skills and build up them to create really powerful units that can really hurt your opponents in the offline earnings. Since the game is designed for everyone, whether you feel like using a sword or shield or a bow and arrow, there is something for everyone here.

In addition to the excellent graphics and the fine touch screen controls, this really fun voodoo action game offers a fair amount of offline earnings. With more than 30 levels and endless replayability, you never know when you might be able to rack up a huge amount of money for special items. And because you earn money for each level you complete as well as for every death you endure, you never have to worry about being killed by an enemy and then losing all of your hard work.

It really is no surprise that this voodoo action game has become one of the most popular free iPhone apps ever! If you enjoy building and leveling up your characters, challenging other players, and creating different strategies every time, then you will love this iPhone app. The graphics are great and the sound effects are engaging, making this game something you’ll want to try every time you get a chance. With average offline earnings of $3 per hour, it’s no wonder that Draw Joust! is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after iPhone apps.

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